About Imaginality

What is Object Based Augmented Reality?

Simply, Augmented Reality transforms existing images or video by blending digital information to create a 3D image, appearing to the user as if it is in real life. 

volume of shapes
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What is Imaginality Learning?

Designed to enhance students understanding of spatial, temporal and contextual information, Imaginality supports self-paced learning. Imaginality Learning uses a webcam and tangible paddles to control virtual 3D objects. Students can Investigate moon phases, build the anatomy of a flower or see how blood flows through a beating heart.

  • Students can save still images and videos to integrate into other aspects of your curriculum including assignments and portfolios.
  • Save time designing lesson plans and activities with custom made teacher worksheets.
  • Appeals to audio, visual and kinesthetic learners.
  • Challenge high achieving students.
  • The virtual interaction helps students quickly understand complex concepts and achieve curriculum objectives faster.
  • Use with digital white boards, single computers or computer labs.
  • Maximise the use of school computers while encouraging sharing and teamwork.
  • Students can even easily create modules and swap them with fellow classmates to encourage peer marking.
  • Students can also share these images and videos with family and friends, or through social media.
  • Use the images and videos to create posters and PowerPoint presentations.
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