We offer a selection of single and bundle licenses, (annual or perpetual) so you can pick and mix to suit your school’s budget! 

Licenses start from as little as £85 - Give us a call on 020 8949 3503 for more information, or to receive a full price list.

Licenses do not include a webcam. For a selection of recommended webcams click here.

The Full Imaginality Learning Package Includes:

  • Imaginality Play software;
  • Imaginality Create;
  • Set of 12 Paddles necessary to operate Imaginality Learning;
  • A PDF of the paddles (and tips on how to best use them!) so you can print out replacement paddles if necessary. Alternatively contact your distributor for more information and pricing of a selection of available paddle materials.

Imaginality Learning Play

Imaginality Play Software includes:

  • Up to 47 professionally produced modules;
  • Access to newly created modules;
  • Access to the Imaginality Learning Community Forum;
  • Detailed teacher guides where necessary;
  • Student worksheets.

Imaginality Learning Create

Imaginality Learning Create allows you to produce modules tailored to your teaching style, and also to individual student learning styles.

Imaginality Learning Create includes:

  • Over 100 items of sample content including 3D objects, images and sound effects to integrate with interactions;
  • Strong integration with Google SketchUp AR Plug-In;
  • The ability to share created modules through the Imaginality Learning community forum;
  • Imaginality Create Support including video tutorials, and sample modules on most major features;
  • Access to over 200,000 free models through Imaginality Learning’s Google 3D Warehouse.