Product Features

Information And Scaling

When a student holds the paddle to the webcam a 3D object appears on the screen. Using the information paddle with the object paddle, students can learn by reading facts and then recording them in their worksheets. The 3D feature allows the student to rotate the 3D element to view it from different angles, improving understanding of the element they are learning about.

By holding more than one paddle next to each other, Imaginality Learning demonstrates real life size comparison.

In some modules the paddles are designed to change colour to indicate something to the student. A module may indicate a right or wrong answer to the student through the colour of the paddle changing. This feature can be integrated into modules in Imaginality Create.Indication Through Paddles Changing Colour

The Builder

Builder modules allow students put together elements of an object while using the information paddle and worksheets to learn about the element. Builder modules use a master paddle to connect the other elements of the module together. Once an element has been added to the master paddle it will remain there until the student removes it from the build. This allows the master paddle to be put down while the information paddle is used to learn about each element.

Using the worksheets, students can record their learnings.

step 1
step 2
step 3


Using the information paddle to identify what the 3D elements are, and facts about them, students can learn about each element. Once the students have learned about the element, they can use the information that they have gained to complete a puzzle. Imaginality Learning will indicate a correct answer through a colour change in the paddle. Teachers can adapt puzzle complexity through Create.

Story Telling

Students can create stories by adding text to story modules.

Wear Or Hold

Students can wear module elements by holding the paddle to their head so it appears as if they are actually the creature or object on the paddle!